The Effect of Betel Leaves Boiled Water on The Perineal Tear Healing Time in Post-Partum Women at Ngemplak Health Center, Boyolali

Henik Istikhomah, Danik Marlisa, Dewi Susilowati


Department of Midwifery, Health Polytechnics, Ministry of Health Surakarta



Background: Perineal wound care can be done by pharmacological and non-pharma­cological methods. Pharmacological treatment using antibiotic drugs, while non-pharmacological perineal wound care is using traditional medicine or natural ingre­dients that have few or no side effects, one of which is using betel leaf. This study aimed to examine the effect of betel leaves boiled water on the perineal tear healing time in post-partum women at Ngemplak Community Health Center, Boyolali.

Subjects and Method: This was a quasi-experiment with posttest only control group design conducted at Ngemplak Community Health Center, Boyolali, Central Java. A sample of 22 postpartum women from 0 to day 3 of perineal injuries was selected and divided into two groups: (1) Intervention group; and (2) Control group. The dependent variable was perineal healing time in days. The independent variable was the use of betel leaves boiled water. The data were collected by observation. The data were ana­lyzed by Mann Whitney.

Results: The majority of post-partum women in this study were at age 20-35 years old, high school level of education, and multipara. The duration of perineal tear healing in the intervention group (Mean= 5.54; SD= 0.32) was faster than that of in the control group (Mean= 6.54; SD= 0.54), and it was statistically significant (p= 0.034).

Conclusion: The use of betel leaves boiled water is effective in reducing the perineal tear healing time in post-partum women.

Keywords: betel leaf boiled, healing time, perineal tear, post-partum women

Correspondence: Henik Istikhomah. Department of Midwifery, Health Polytechnics. Jl. Letjend Sutoyo, Mojosongo, Jebres, Surakarta, Central Java. Email: Mobile: +62 81215908592.





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