Community Acceptance of the Covid-19 Vaccination Using Health Belief Model: A Literature Review

Maria Yeny Eskawati

Institute of Science and Health Technology Insan Cendekia Medika Jombang


Background: Vaccination aims to give protection to the community against an infectious disease. However, this effort may face obstacle if the community refuse to receive vaccina­tion. This study aimed to investigate factors affecting community acceptance of COVID-19 vaccination using health belief model (HBM).

Subjects and Method: This article review began by collecting relevant sources regarding the acceptance of public perceptions of the COVID-19 vaccine. The articles were reviewed using Cochrane.

Result: Public acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccine was strongly influenced by the public’s perception of how beneficial the vaccine is, its impact, and the perception of severity when exposed to COVID-19. The decision to accept vaccination depended upon information about the vaccine itself, and the public trust in the system and current medical equipment.

Conclusion: Perceived severity, perceived benefit, perceived impact, public trust in the system and the medical equipment, are factors affecting acceptance of COVID-19 vaccination.

Keywords: perception, health belief model, vaccination, COVID-19

Correspondence: Maria Yeny Eskawati. Institute of Science and Health Technology Insan Cendekia Medika Jombang, East Jawa. Email: Mobile: +6289796348186.



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