Diet Perception and Eating Practice among Diabetic Members of the Indonesian Diabetes Association in Bogor, West Java

Nazarina1), Ratna Djuwita2), Risatianti Kolopaking3)Krisnawati Bantas4), Ahmad Syafiq5)

1)Health Research and Development Agency, Jakarta

2)Faculty of Health Community, Universitas Indonesia

3)Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta


Background: Diet is an essential diabetes management. Unfortunately, diabetic people often resist to adopt a new dietary regimen. This resistance may relate to their misperception regarding diabetes diet and eating practice. This study aimed to explore the perception and eating practice among diabetics related to diabetes diet.

Subjects and Method: This study was qualitative using focus group discussion (FGD) for data collection. The study was conducted in Bogor, West Java. Thirty parti­cipants were purposively selected from members of the diabetic association in Bogor. The participants were divided into 5 groups by gender and age. FGD was conducted in each group lasting for 60 to 90 minutes. The discussion was recorded and transcribed. Thematic analysis was carried out by reading all transcripts and identi­fying the frequently emerging themes. To cross validate FGD information, in-depth inter­view was carried out with some family members of the diabetic people.

Results: Many participants had misperception regarding the correct diet and eating practice. As opposed to the recommended diet regimen, they ate less frequently but more amount of food. Social-culture, like food gathering, sharing, and cooking, was associated with this misperception and unfavorable dietary practice.

Conclusion: Many diabetic people practice inappropriate diabetes dietary regimen. Therefore, diabetic educator and nutrition counselor are recommended to provide health education to the diabetic people.

Keywords: dietary perception, eating practice, culture, diabetic people.

Correspondence: Nazarina. Health Research and Development Agency, Jakarta. Jl Dr. Semeru 63. 16112. Bogor. West Java. Email: Mobile: +6281316046870.


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