Improving Nutrition Knowledge in Adolescents Using “Giziku Baik” Application in Senior High Schools in Semarang, Central Java

Vilda Ana Veria Setyawati1), Arif Kurniadi2)

1)Department of Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences,

Universitas Dian Nuswantoro

2)Department of Medical Record and Health Information System,

Faculty of Health Sciences, Universitas Dian Nuswantoro


Background: The use of gadgets is increasing in teenagers, accompanied by negative impacts. Developing a good nutrition application with an attractive appearance is intended to increase the teenage nutrition knowledge in improving their nutrition status. This study aimed to determine the acceptance and barrier to using “Giziku Baik” nutrition application by both teenagers and teachers as users.

Subjects and Method: This was a qualitative study conducted at the Laboratory High School, Universitas PGRI, Semarang in September 2021. A total of 11 informants, consist­ing of 8 students, 2 teachers, and 1 school principal was selected for this study. The study variable was the acceptance and barrier to “Giziku Baik” nutrition application. The data were collected by focus group discussion (FGD) and observation. The degree of acceptance was measured by User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The data were described in percent.

Results: All informants accepted Giziku Baik app. The app was installed on their respective smartphones, except those IOS users. The results of FGD showed: (1) There is the need for improvements in the appearance of the app features so that it can increase the interest of teenage users; (2) The educational feature needs to be shortened so that it can convey the more focused nutritional messages; and (3) There should have notification/ reminder such as alarm so that it can save input data every month on the same date. The school teachers and principal said that the Giziku Baik app could support the school health effort program being initiated by the school, which was established five years ago. The degree of acceptance for various aspects of Giziku Baik app were as follows: (1) usefulness (70%), (2) ease of use (80%), (3) content (50%), (4) accuracy (50%), (5) format (50%), (6) convenience (60%), and (7) timeliness (70%).

Conclusion: The Giziku Baik app can be used by users and synergized with the school health program to improve nutrition status in adolescent. However, it needs some modifications to be accepted and used by users in the broader scope.

Keywords: teacher, acceptance, nutrition knowledge, Giziku Baik app, teenager

Correspondence: Vilda Ana Veria Setyawati. Department of Public Health, Universitas Dian Nuswantoro. Jl. Imam Bonjol 207, Pendrikan Kidul, Semarang, Central Java. Email: vilda.setyawati@­ Mobile: +6282134912185.



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