Changes in the Role of Parents for Online Learning of Elementary School Children at Home during the Corona Virus -19 Pandemic In 2021

Novia Nuraini, Aticeh, Nurdahlia


Faculty of Health Promotion, Health Pollytecnic Jakarta III




Background: The role of parents is also very necessary to provide education to their children who still do not understand about the pandemic that is endemic to stay at home so as not to be infected and transmit this pandemic outbreak. The role of parents in this Covid-19 pandemic situation has a fundamental position. The study aim to find out the changes in the role of parents in assisting distance learning for elementary school children at home.

Subject and Method: The quantitative descriptive research method used a pre-test and post-test group design. The research sample was 4 elementary schools consisting of 2 public elementary schools and 2 private elementary schools, parents of students from grades 1 to grade 3 were 160 respondents using random sampling. The respondent’s criteria are that all parents work and their children study online at home. Sampling with zoom meeting is divided into 2 meetings.

Results: there were 103 (70.5%). Those who did not experience a change in roles were 43 (29.5%). There were 10 male parents (70.6%) who experienced changes in their roles and 4 (29.4%) roles did not change.

Conclusion: parents can participate in assisting children in learning at home with patience and sincerity. For schools, it is recommended to provide learning modules and parent meetings at least once a month.


Keywords: Change, online learning, elementary school, covid-19, parents

Correspondence: Novia Nuraini. Faculty of Health Promotion, Health Pollytecnic Jakarta III, Bekasi, West Java. Email: Mobile: +6281280083279.


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