Resilience in Pregnant Mothers with Hiv during Post-Covid-19 Pandemic

Erlin Kiriwenno1), Suryo Ediyono2), Nur Alam3), Andris Noya4)


1)Diploma Midwifery Study Program, Institute of Health Science Husada, Maluku

2)Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Universitas Sebelas Maret

3)Undergraduate Midwifery and Midwifery Profession,

Universitas Mohammad Husni Thamrin

4)Faculty of Religious Social Sciences, IAKN Ambon




Background: The recent COVID-19 pandemic has had significant psychological and social effects on the population. Pregnant women with HIV are vulnerable group to this disease. One way that pregnant women with HIV can do during a pandemic or post-pandemic is resilience. This study aimed to examine the resilience of pregnant women with HIV after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Subjects and Method: This was a qualitative study with a phenomenological approach. This study was conducted in Ambon, Maluku in June to August 2021. Two HIV-positive pregnant women were selected using the snowball sampling technique. The dependent variable was HIV. The independent variable was resilience. Data were collected using in-depth interview.

Results: Pregnant women with HIV can create resilience within themselves. Resilience was carried out to maintain physical and psychological health. There were four types of resilience: (1) Pregnant women with HIV remained productive after the COVID-19 pandemic; (2) Pregnant women with HIV were able to manage stress; (3) Pregnant women with HIV established good social relationships; and (4) Pregnant women with HIV drew closer to God.

Conclusion: Pregnant women with HIV perform resilience in the post-COVID-19 pandemic. Resilience maintains physical and psychological health in the daily life.


Keywords: resilience, HIV, post-pandemic, pregnant women.

Correspondence: Erlin Kiriwenno. Diploma Midwifery Study Program, Institute of Health Science Maluku Husada. Jl. Waiselang-Kairatu Ceram Cross. West Seram Regency. Maluku. Email: kiriwennoe@­gmail­.­com: Mobile: +6281344220098.


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