Oxytocin Stimulation using Audio Visual on Breast Milk Excretion in Lactating Mothers during Covid-19 Pandemic

Novia Nuraini, Yudhia Fratidhina


Faculty of Health Promotion, Health Polytechnics Ministry of Health,

Jakarta III, Indonesia



Background : After giving birth, most mothers complain about the less breast milk that comes out. Therefore, it usually requires the care of oxytocin massage to stimulate breast milk production and increase the smooth expenditure of breast milk. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed several ways of care or health services for breastfeeding women. Treatments with direct physical contact such as oxytocin massage are not recommended. Therefore, mothers need to be given other treatments so that they can still increase the oxytocin hormone so that breast milk remains smooth. One of them is audio-visual therapy which can increase the calmness of the mother to trigger the oxytocin hormone. Aim: The aim of this study is to determine the implementation of oxytocin stimulation through the audio-visual method in the smooth release of breast milk in mothers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Subject and Method : This study uses a case study type with a qualitative method. The design used in this study is a single-case design that only uses one unit. At this stage, the researcher started from the pre-test which aims to know how the mother feels, the intervention and counseling stage, and the post-test stage. After that, we will review how mothers feel and changes in breastfeeding frequency.

Results: The provision of health promotion, counseling, and therapy, will get the results of increasing mothers’ knowledge and reducing anxiety in mothers that milk production can increase. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that the application of oxytocin stimulation through audio-visual can increase the smooth flow of breast milk in postpartum mothers..

Conclusion: The implementation of oxytocin stimulation through audio-visual can increase the smooth flow of breast milk in postpartum mothers.

Keywords: Breast Milk, Oxytocin Hormone, Smoothness of Breast Milk.

Coresspondence: Novia Nuraini. Faculty of Health Promotion, Health Polytechnics, Jakarta 3, Bekasi, West Java. Email: n2p_bunga@yahoo.co.id. Mobile : 081280083279.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26911/ICPHmaternal.FP.08.2021.23


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