Aim and Objectives



This conference aims to analyze and discuss the existing situation and issues of family planning program in Indonesia and other developing countries, and refor­­­­mu­late realistic policy and strategy to revitalize, improve, and accelerate the achieve­­­­­­­ment of family planning program according to the current government system. In addition, it seeks to discuss gender equity issues including women’s empowerment in  child­bearing, reproductive, and house­hold economic deci­­­­­sions, as well as to discuss ethic­­al issues pertaining family planning and population control.


  1. To discuss the future agenda of a revitalized family planning program
  2. To examine and discuss the strategies for revitalization of family planning program
  3. To examine and discuss women’s empowerment and gender equity issues with respect to child­bearing, reproductive, and house­hold economic deci­­­­­sions.
  4. To discuss the promises and limitations of gender-transformative health and family planning programming with men
  5. To discuss ethical issues pertaining family planning and population control in developing countries
  6. To disseminate results of research work that address public health issues, including family planning, gender equity, and women’s empowerment issues.
  7. To build the capacity of participants on how to publish research papers at highly reputable journals
  8. To build the capacity of participants on how to measure women’s social, economic, and educational empowerment, and related gender constructs in studies into women’s health

Mid-ICPH2018_Aim and Objectives

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