1. Health Professional Development for SDGs_Prof. Adang Bachtiar
  2. How to Design Effective Research Strategies and Analyze Data_Prof. Joacim Rocklöv
  3. Impact of Climate Change on Food Security and Health_Prof. Ahmad Yunus
  4. Kebijakan, Rencana Strategis dan Implementasi Pembangunan Sosial Ekonomi_FX. Hadi Rudyatmo
  5. Kemiskinan dan Kesehatan_Prof. Dr. Haryono Suyono, MA., PhD
  6. Life-Course Epidemiology_Prof. Lu Qi
  7. Population Health and the Social Determinants of Health Implications for Research and Policy_Prof. Ana Diez Roux
  8. Social Capital and Health Promotion_Prof. Malin Eriksson
  9. Strategic planning for healthy city_Prof. Charles
  10. The Important Role of Sector-Wide Approach_Prof. John Kevin Baird
  11. Universal coverage to support the attainment of the SDGs_Assoc. Prof.Dr.Prathurng



  1. How to conduct studies in urban Setting_Prof. Charles Suryadi
  2. How to Design Studies, Collect Data, and Analyze_Prof. Lu Qi
  3. Multilevel analysis in public health research_Prof. Ana Diez Roux
  4. How to Write and Publish Research Articles in International Journals with Scopus Indexing_Prof. Nawi Ng
  5. How to Use Hypnosis to Support Health Promotion and Medical Therapy_Hanung Prasetya



  1. How to conduct Path Analysis and SEM for Health Research_24 Sep 2016_Prof Bhisma Murti
  2. Path Ingram_ICPH_Prof Bhisma Murti
  3. How to design effective research strategies_Prof. Malin Eriksson
  4. How to develop Healthy Cities_Prof. Wongsa Laohasiriwong
  5. How to write Policy Brief_Prof. Laksono Trisnantoro

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