1. Professor Bettina Borisch

Policy and Priorities for Ensuring Equity of Access to Primary Health Care in Rural and Remote Areas

2. Professor Amanda Howe

Strategies to Recruit and Retain Skilled and Motivated Healthcare Workers in Remote and Under-Served Areas 

3. Professor Adang Bachtiar

Health Promotion Strategies to Address Health Issues among the Indonesian Communities in Isolated and Underserved Areas

4. Dr. Anung Sugihantono

Government Policy to Ensure Equitable Access of Quality Health Care for Rural and Remote Communities in Indonesia

5. Professor Jessica D. Gipson

Community Capacity-Building for the Enhancement of Maternal and Child Health in the Under-Served Areas in Low-Income Settings

6. Professor Wongsa Laohasirriwong

Accessibility to Health Services among Migrant Workers in the Northeast of Thailand Rural Development

7. Professor Adrian Schoo

Systems Thinking and Conceptualizing Rural Health Workforce Development with Optimized Access to Sustainable Health Services

8. Professor Ashir Ahmed

Portable Health Clinic: A Pervasive Way to Serve the Unreached Community for Preventive Healthcare

9. Arry Pongtiku, MD, MHM, PhD

Health is My Right: Lessons Learned from Remote and Isolated Areas of Papua

10. Nurmilia Afriliani, MD

Professional Experience Working in Kalimantan Remote Areas: Challenges and Opportunities for Fulfilling the Unmet Health Care Need of the Unreached


2. Professor Jessica D. Gipson

How to Conduct Mix-Method Research for a Holistic Understanding of Health Issues

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3. Professor Adrian Scho 

How to Support Organizational, Local and Regional Development, to Utilize Social Capital, to Achieve Sustainable Models of Rural and Remote Health Care



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