Cultural Dimensions of Patient Safety at dr. Soepraoen Hospital Malang


Agus Syukron Ma'ruf1)
1)Masters Program in Public Health, Universitas Sebelas Maret
~ Author
Rifzul Maulina2)
2)Institute of Science Technology and Health, dr. Soepraoen Hospital
~ Author
Reny Nugraheny3)
2)Institute of Health Science, Bhakti Wiyata, Kediri
~ Author


Background: Patient safety culture is defined as the attitudes, perceptions, and values that staffs share within an organization related to patient safety. The safety of health care is now a major global concern. It is likely that millions of people suffer disabling injuries or death directly related to medical care. This study aims to investigate the dimensions of patient safety culture at dr. Soepraoen Hospital in 2021.

Subjects and Method: This was descriptive study conducted at inpatient unit, dr. Soepraoen Hospital, East Java, in December 2021. A sample of 60 nurses was selected by proportional cluster sampling. The study variable was patient safety dimensions. Patient safety culture was measured using the Agency Hospital for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) hospital survey. The data of patient safety dimensions were described in frequency (n) and percent (%).

Results: Overall, patient safety culture at the inpatient unit in dr. Soepraoen Hospital in 2021 was categorized as good (77.40%). Patient safety culture dimensions were categorized as good, i.e positive culture (75%), communicative (85%), and low reported incidence (78.9%), and non-punitive response to errors (68.8%), respectively.

Conclusion: Inpatient unit in dr. Soepraoen Hospital in 2021 has good patient safety culture in providing health services.

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